Work Examples

Although many of the applications I have developed are proprietary to my customers, here are a few examples you can investigate.

Government Ethics Training

This gamified training takes the learner on a journey through the trials and tribulations of ethics by way of a story. By using a story, with randomized chapter options, each learner receives a slightly different experience. This provides longevity for the training activity since the rules and regulations are fairly constant, but the training is required on a yearly basis. This training is available to the public for use at:

USDA Ethics Training

NASA Science Investigations: Plant Growth

In this mobile game, written for NASA, the player learns about plant growth in space by completing a series of tasks while helping the astronaut perform plant experiments on the International Space Station. The player earns badges for each task, and at home experiments are given for further investigation. The app is available for Android and iOS.

To Mars and Back

To Mars and Back is a new board game based on NASA spinoffs and benefits for humanity. Although more of a game than classroom instruction, all of the product cards describe ways that space research has helped us on Earth and in our pursuit of the stars. Planning and money management provides educational opportunities and the game can be played competitively and cooperatively.

Look for the game on Kickstarter in fall of 2022!